How to Play Sega’s Games on Android?


Some Good Memories with Sega 

Arcade games like PONG, Space War may be everybody’s favorite, but people born in the ’90s have a strong affection for Sega. We all loved Sega; it was fun to choose from a vast game directory known as ‘Sega Genesis ROMs. The never-ending list of games (officially 500 games) was a great time passer and exciting experience. I only played Aladdin, Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtual Fighter, Phantasy Star, Yakuza, and Lion King. Do you remember the way a Big Animated girl chase after TinyToon’s bunny or the days spent doing the last mission of Lion King? Not to forget the feeling when someone told the cheat code of Aladdin that if you pause the game and press (A+A+B+B), you move to the next mission? I was never a Street Fighter type guy; though I did learn few tricks of Ken and that Hindu fighter, I never liked that game. 

What Causes Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergies?

Spring is not a happy season for some people 
We all love to see blooming flowers, lawns, and trees bursting with new greenery. But for some people, this is a sign of trouble. It is not possible to enjoy whether while your eyes water, your nose runs, and the sneezes never stop. It gets tricky whenever you go out. Many of us confuse it with the common cold. Still, suppose you see a pattern (symptoms repeat every year). In that case, you might be suffering from seasonal allergies, commonly known as hay fever. You think it might be cold, but there's a pattern. 

Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

In case you see an allergist, he may first want to confirm that you have an allergy or other problem. Your doctor can do the skin-prick test to check the real cause behind this. 

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are helpful.  Antihistamines are beneficiain blocking the histamine your body makes during pollen allergy. Your doctor can also prescribe decongestants in case your nose is stuffy. This can help you breathe easier. Also, some good nasal sprays help in allergic symptoms.

Socrates and Education

Socrates was a Greek philosopher and had a significant role in the foundation of Western philosophy.  

Simple Online Work Options to Make a Living


When it comes to online jobs, you have several basic options to consider. You can do one or more of these based on your skills and enjoyment. You can do these online jobs part-time or full-time based on your other commitments.

How to Manage Your Time?

Manage your time with us 
'Time is Money.' Who hasn't heard this? But how many of us have become that much rich, if time is money? We all have 24 hours a day. Some of us make the most of it, and some are still pondering how to do so. Time management is one of the most challenging skills to master. If we are successful in managing time, we are invincible success achievers for sure. Time management is a sign of good manners, respect for others, and sometimes a willingness to cooperate. Let's see how we can manage our time effectively. 

How to Do Well On a First Job Interview?


First Impression Counts 

Never forget that you have only one opportunity to make a first impression, whether with investors, customers or with a boss. So the moment you walk in the door, your first impression counts a lot.

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