Power Virtual Agents: Introduction in Creating Powerful Chatbots

You might have come across a virtual agent, the conversational chatbots which provides online customer service. This is just one of chatbot’s area of function. Virtual agents expand to a wider range of business tasks which helps both with external customers and internal workforce.

Microsoft is introducing Power Virtual Agents which empowers anyone from your business to build useful, adaptable chatbots, with no coding and AI expertise. Power Virtual Agents are capable to cater help from HR to sales in any site or channel available like websites, MS Teams, Facebook and MS Power Apps. 

Power Virtual Agents promotes an easy way to build chatbots. This guide will give you ideas on how to get started leading you to build your first Power Virtual Agent.

Definition of Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents creates intelligent chat bots, at first sight, look and behave like you have seen from customer support from your retailer, bank, or airline.

Users ask by writing in plain language like text messaging a friend. The chatbot replies with a familiar response, directing the user towards the resolution of their issue with just few messages.

Edge of Power Virtual Agents

No Code Required. Power Virtual Agents is simple and intuitive to use, featuring a platform designed for business people. It’s easy and straightforward to develop, test and maintain a chatbot.

Start in Minutes. You can have your first chatbot up and running in just minutes. You just have to direct the chatbot to your company’s FAQs and will automatically give common questions and answers create its content.

Smart Interactions. Power Virtual Agents use a universal language model. It is designed to interpret users mean and goals beyond just processing what they write. Chatbots are flexible on how to interact making the conversation more human.

Deployable Almost Wherever. You can integrate chatbots to different channels. You can engage to customers from a website, Facebook or Skype. You can also help your internal workforce by having chatbots into Microsoft Teams, an employee portal or a mobile app.

Linked to Your Systems. With Microsoft Power Platform integration, there are more than 350 prebuilt connectors which enable your chatbots talk to your back-end systems with just few clicks. Pro developers can go extra mile and more features thru Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework. 

Functions of Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents could engage your customer or empower your employees. Chatbots can go beyond customer service. Real-world companies are using Power Virtual Agents. Some of them are used as digital assistants for employees and some serve as smart, interactive field service guides.

How to get started?

Power Virtual Agents provide a simple, low-cost, fast way to respond to customer and employee needs effectively at scale. 

Get started with a free trial of Power Virtual Agents to help you start building your first chatbot. As you improve in your development skill, you can go deeper by adding more features thru Bot Framework Skills. To do so, leverage your existing Azure subscription or start a new one to begin.  

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