Are you considering a Transcription Career


Transcription jobs have many types, but organizations want senior management discussions or employee interviews, or budget plans written on the word document. Typically, businesses do not have a transcript-related position. They often search freelancers for these types of tasks.

Good Salary

Usually, a transcription job is paid per project that is generally around $10 to $500, which is a nice amount no matter where you live.

Easily Available

You will notice the number of available jobs (transcription projects), and you have a chance to ask for a test from the client. Qualification doesn't matter as long as you can hear what the speaker is saying and type it on a document.

The transcription job helps you financially and your punctuations, typing speed, and grammar are automatically enhanced with practice. Also, talking with various clients improves your communication skills. A skilled transcription has a high chance of getting a high-paying project than a fresh freelancer. 

Watch out For Fake Jobs! 

It is not a wise idea to start a transcription or any freelance job without a milestone. Milestone is a secure payment that is deposited into your account before the start of work. Transcription usually is a 4-5 hour job. One should be careful before submitting your final piece, or somebody else will get paid for your hard work. The right clients either ask for a sample 1-2 minute transcription test or create a milestone before starting a project. 

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