How to Play Sega’s Games on Android?

Some Good Memories with Sega 

Arcade games like PONG, Space War may be everybody’s favorite, but people born in the ’90s have a strong affection for Sega. We all loved Sega; it was fun to choose from a vast game directory known as ‘Sega Genesis ROMs. The never-ending list of games (officially 500 games) was a great time passer and exciting experience. I only played Aladdin, Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtual Fighter, Phantasy Star, Yakuza, and Lion King. Do you remember the way a Big Animated girl chase after TinyToon’s bunny or the days spent doing the last mission of Lion King? Not to forget the feeling when someone told the cheat code of Aladdin that if you pause the game and press (A+A+B+B), you move to the next mission? I was never a Street Fighter type guy; though I did learn few tricks of Ken and that Hindu fighter, I never liked that game. 

Nothing can beat Sonic the HedgehogI was so good at it, and I still am. However, I still miss the gaming pad feeling in my hands when I used to swing my hands. Perhaps this way, Sonic may jump longer, not forget how bad we all were on chasing emeralds. You must be tired of reading all this if you have never played these games, which is hard to believe. You can still relive your memories attached to the Sega and arcade games of all time. Read the following paragraph where you can learn how to play Sega games on your android. 

How to Play Sega Games on Android 

There are so many ways to do that, but the following is the best way to play Sega games on your android. The logic behind it is the same, installing a ROM first and then downloading the games. (You can download bundles from torrent, but if you just type the name of the game or Sega game download in front of it on a search engine, you can get this way too). They all are free to play because these games are classic and vintage.  

Follow the steps below: 

  1. From your Google Playstore, search “gGens (MD),” which is an emulator app and an arcade game player for your android. You can also play other games too. 
  2. After installing it, look for the Sega game directory on the search engine. They are small in size and easy to install.  
  3. Open “gGens” and tap on search, locate the downloaded Sega game from the directory, and voila. 
  4. Enjoy playing your favorite games. 

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