Easy way to earn from YouTube


To earn a living from YouTube, you need a Google AdSense account. To get a Google AdSense account, you need to provide your identity to Google and need to show them the content you create for their approval. It takes few weeks to register, but you are one step closer to start earning money once it did. You can make a creative blog and put your AdSense code on it. Still, there is also another way where you can use your AdSense, 'YouTube.' You can learn to set up Google AdSense by searching on any search engine. 

How to Make a Catchy Video

It doesn't matter what is the topic of your video, whether it's for health and fitness, postures, technology, DYI designs or comedy, etc. If you think you are not creative enough, try following the rules below.


First, search online for something exciting and read as much you can about it, make essential points on paper or notepad. Make a video with animations and pictures. If you are good at video editing, you can add a lot of effects and filters. AVS Video Editor is the best free tool that you can use to create your YouTube videos. You can even use iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and many other video editing tools.

Become a Game Expert 

Read popular games tutorial from the internet and then perform the same in a real game and make a video of it. This way, you will be helping people by providing a visual aid to see the game walkthrough. Many people earn more than $1,000 per video; all they do is play and talk and upload it on YouTube. Your main concern should be to increase your followers, so you get views on every video, and with each view, you will earn money from Google AdSense.

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